CPNP Foundation

The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists Foundation is committed to advancing comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for individuals affected by psychiatric and neurologic disorders.

The CPNP Foundation works to accomplish this mission by:

  • Improving access to optimal care for patients with psychiatric and neurologic disorders.
  • Conducting research which furthers our understanding of issues affecting access to care for individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders.
  • Finding synergy through collaborations with key professional associations with similar goals.
  • Securing funds to support the research, educational, and philanthropic goals of the Foundation.

The CPNP Foundation has focused its early efforts on implementing the following signature projects:

1. Characterizing the Interface Between Community Pharmacists and Patients

The first phase of this project, in collaboration with National Alliance on Mental Illness, resulted in a completed survey which characterized the experiences that patients with psychiatric disorders had with their community pharmacists. Phase two of this investigation awaits completion of strategic planning.

2. Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice Summit

Planning for the “Summit” led to recognition that additional accomplishments are necessary before convening a group of key stakeholders who could help create a plan for psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists to be incorporated into the patient centered medical home. During the process of planning for the Summit, the concept of the “CMM Network” was developed.

3. CMM Network

A network of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists who deliver comprehensive medication management has been created. These individuals participate in monthly conference calls with the purpose of encouraging the practice of comprehensive medication management and emphasizing the importance of this level of service being delivered reliably regardless of the setting and the geographic location of the practice. To join, simply contact info@cpnpfoundation.org indicating your interest.

4. Strategic Planning

Ongoing planning will culminate with a retreat in January 2014. The output will be a new strategic plan to guide CPNP Foundation activities and initiatives over the next three to five years.

5. Student Grant Award

The CPNP Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of a grant in the amount of $7,500 to support the attendance of 15 pharmacy students to the 2014 CPNP Annual Meeting to be held April 27-30, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The CPNP Foundation grant will enable the CPNP Student Committee to grant $500 awards to 15 student pharmacists interested in the field of psychiatric pharmacy. Each recipient will be awarded a $150 registration fee waiver and a $350 travel stipend. Read more about the grant program.

CPNPF To Host Patient Art Exhibit with PSA Art Awakenings at 2014 CPNP Annual Meeting

Consistent with our mission, the CPNP Foundation will be supporting Phoenix-based PSA Art Awakenings at the 2014 CPNP Annual Meeting with an art exhibit.

PSA Art Awakenings promotes empowerment and recovery through the power of creative expression with children and adults who are challenged by serious mental health, general mental health and substance use conditions. It is a person centered and peer driven program, with staff working collaboratively with artists on their journeys to recovery. From its modest beginning, PSA Art Awakenings has grown into a significant psycho-social rehabilitation program with 12 studios and five galleries serving approximately 1,000 artists annually – all working toward empowerment and recovery through creativity.

Come and join us to view up to 40 pieces of art and live music created by Art Awakenings clients. Art will be available for sale and artists will available on-site to discuss their art and journey toward recovery.

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CPNP Foundation - 2013 DonationsPrice
Axon (students, residents recommended minimum)$100
Neuron (active clinicians recommended minimum)$500