Shared Resources

Antidepressant therapy options for a patient without a functioning gut

This document outlines all list serve responses to a question posed to the group regarding antidepressant therapy options for a patient without a functioning gut.   Any references/supporting evidence provided by the responder are also included. 

Sleep Hygiene Patient Handout

This is a trifold brochure for patients about sleep hygiene.

Insomnia Questionnaire

This tool can be used to lead a patient interview for insomnia or can be completed by the patient prior to a visit to assist with the interview.

Dosing for Coumadin with Concurrent Antibiotic Therapy

This document provides a compilation of antibiotics and dosing suggestions/strategies for couamdin when they are used concurrently,as well as suggestions from clinical pharmacists' for appropriate dosing strategies.

Invega Sustenna recall - pharmacokinetics of injections: single and combination

Response from manufacturer of inquiry regarding 234mg strength recall.

Spanish Proverbs for Use During Mental Status Examinations

A compilation of Spanish proverbs and their English equivalents. Useful for mental status examinations.

Pharmacy Calculator Spreadsheet

This is an Excel spreadsheet that has a built-in calculator for Cockcroft-Gault (creatinine clearance), body mass index, and body surface area. Patient data just needs to be entered and the values are automatically calculated.

Methadone Drug Interaction Wallet Card

This handy printable card can be used by professionals and their patients as a quick reference for drugs that interact with methadone. Arizona CERT (2005)

View the card.

Anticholinergic Pocket Reference Card

Medications with anticholinergic properties can cause a multitude of adverse effects in older people. They are particularly contraindicated in people with dementia who are highly sensitive to the cognitive and psychiatric adverse effects. Because so many drugs have anticholinergic properties—and many of these are contained in over-the-counter products—anticholinergics are used by many older adults, including an estimated 1/3 of people with dementia.

Clinical Pearls: Clozapine –What do we need to know?

Ericka L. Breden, Pharm.D., BCPP, CGP recently presented a Clinical Pearl regarding the use of Clozapine at the ASHP Midyear Meeting.  To view her slides click here.

In this brief presentation, Dr. Breden summarized the use of clozapine in schizophrenia, its side effect profile, dispensing and the registries.

ECT Resources

These ECT resources were provided by CPNP members over the email list.