CPNP Foundation

Our Vision and Mission

The CPNP Foundation envisions a world in which individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders receive optimal treatment, live free of stigma, and achieve their full potential. Our mission focuses on the needs of individuals living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders, their families, and health professionals in general practice to further evidence-based treatment.

The Foundation will accomplish its mission by focusing on the accomplishment of four core goals:

  1. Advancing Best Treatments - Create initiatives and collaborative partnerships to advance best treatments for individuals living with psychiatric or neurologic disorders.
  2. Improving Communication - Establish ongoing, accessible communication of the foundation's mission, goals, and initiatives to raise awareness and promote engagement.
  3. Assuring Financial Health - Develop a stable, growing, and diversified base to fund identified projects and initiatives.
  4. Enhance Board Governance and Effectiveness - Establish a culture that fosters passion and participation by engaging board members and dedicated individuals to accomplish the mission of the Foundation.

How Can You Support The Foundation?

The work of the Foundation is critically important to improving the access of individuals living with neuropsychiatric disorders to evidence-based care and allowing them to reach their full potential. We seek the support and engagement of all who are committed to improve the care of these individuals. You can help to ensure the Foundation's success by:

  1. Becoming familiar with the Foundation's strategic initiatives. View the strategic plan.
  2. Sharing with Board members your ideas to help achieve goals.
  3. Donating to the Foundation's Annual Fund and targeted campaigns.
  4. Collaborating with Board members to assist in fundraising.
  5. Volunteering to work with Board members on a specific initiative or objective.

Thank You To Our 2015 Donors

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I want to donate to support these CPNP Foundation signature events at the following level:

CPNP Foundation - 2015 DonationsAmount
Axon (students, residents recommended minimum)$100
Neuron (active clinicians recommended minimum)$500