The Resident and New Practitioner Committee is responsible for representing and providing service to residents, fellows, new practitioners and residency directors. Some of the primary goals of this committee are to increase the visibility of the profession, recruit students into residencies in cooperation with the student committee, increase the number of residencies and provide membership value to residents, fellows, residency directors and new practitioners.

You can review information on the current Committee Members and their Charges by downloading the PDF version.

Charges to the Resident and New Practitioner Committee

RPD Survey and Residency Database
NA in 19-20: Conduct and report on the residency program director survey to be conducted every 2 years (next administration is fall 2020)
NA in 19-20: Recommend edits to the CPNP Residency Directory completed by RPDs and maintained by staff
Annual Meeting
Evaluate the value and viability of the resident track and mentoring activity for continuation at CPNP 2020
If value is identified, develop, implement, and evaluate a 3 hour block of programming exclusively for residents at each Annual Meeting
Promoting the Profession/Career
Arrange for and proof 4 to 5 articles to be included in a resident and new practitioner themed newsletter edition in January
Develop content for an infographic to replace the residency opportunity brochure and evaluate drafts as prepared by staff and vendors.
Produce six What I Wish I Knew (WIWK) Columns or videos following established guidelines
Review the New Practitioner Hub and provide updates for staff to complete
Update and edit the Pharmacy Essentials and Treatment Guidelines documents. Use committee members to author and either fellow committee members to peer review or work with staff to identify an external source
Review the career pages with emphasis on refining the list of the currently provided practice setting videos to ensure they meet the objectives of the web page section
Prepare a written report of recommendations to the CPNP Board on or before 9/15/19.
Retool, update and maintain the suggested reading list provided at