The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) joins the chorus of voices expressing sadness and concern regarding the state of US mental health systems in our country today. As the voice of psychiatric pharmacy, CPNP is pleased to add its voice and unique perspectives to the discussion by joining the recently formed Mental Health for US, a coalition of like-minded organizations, associations, and foundations who are advocating for an extensive policy platform surrounding actions related to prevention, access and intervention, and recovery for those living with mental health and substance use disorders. Our current systems are struggling to effectively care for and support the mental health of all Americans and should be reformed. Through Mental Health for US, CPNP will have the opportunity to advocate for change and enable the CPNP membership by providing them information and tools to impact change themselves.

Mental Health for US is a nonpartisan educational initiative focused on elevating mental health and addiction in national policy conversations by empowering grassroots advocates and improving candidate and policymaker health literacy. With nearly one in five Americans living with mental illness and one in 12 living with addiction—and deaths from suicide and overdose at an all-time high—breaking down barriers to prevention strategies, treatment, and recovery supports should be a top priority for all policymakers. CPNP joins a coalition of stakeholder groups from around the country dedicated to uniting the American people to make systemic, long-term change with civic engagement tools and resources.

In addition to joining this new coalition, CPNP and CPNP Foundation pledge to continue their work to be part of the solution to improving our struggling mental health systems. Both organizations will continue their work to:

  • educate pharmacists and other health care professionals,
  • fund and reward research around issues related to mental health,
  • advocate for improved access to mental health care with psychiatric pharmacists as an essential member of the care team,
  • reduce stigma, and
  • participate in mental health, pharmacy, and other coalitions who share similar concerns and can collectively advocate for solutions.