Innovate with a New Practice

As the practice setting profiles on this site illustrate, there are diverse opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists to be creative when it comes to improving the lives of their patients. Many members have been the "first" to develop a new model. Patients and physicians appreciate the unique and complementary role of a pharmacist. Health-systems are embracing a team approach to care. They realize the contribution of clinical pharmacists and behavioral health providers to improving outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs. The ongoing transition from fee-for-service to value based payment opens the door for pharmacists to demonstrate their merit.

Collaborative Practice Agreements

Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPAs) create a formal practice arrangement between a pharmacist and a prescriber. CPAs improve the efficiency of team based care by delegating specific responsibilities to the pharmacist once a relationship of mutual respect and trust is developed between the pharmacists and a collaborating provider. CPAs reduce the burden on physicians and allow them to share patient care responsibilities with other experts on the team.

Explore helpful NASPA resources for developing collaborative practice agreements.