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Activity Dates: 09/28/2020 - 03/25/2021

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Target Audience

This self-study activity serves as an educational tool for pharmacists seeking Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) Recertification credit and other pharmacists and health care providers seeking advanced education in patient and disease state management in the field of psychiatric pharmacy.


This application-based BCPP Recertification product provides the opportunity to study a complex psychiatric case comorbid with a medical diagnosis and associated complex medication regimen. The 2020 case is focused on treatment resistant dementia with participants following one patient through several encounters over a period of time. The activity design allows for the opportunity to apply evidence-based pharmacological and/or nonpharmacological treatment strategies and monitoring recommendations specific to patient needs and their pertinent medical, psychosocial, family, cultural and socioeconomic issues. Instructional webinars and a comprehensive, referenced key extends the value of the activity long after completion.

The From Theory to Practice Case Series includes electronic access to:

  • A complex patient case consisting of 3 encounters over a period of time.
  • Three instructional, pre-recorded webinars accompanying each encounter. 
  • A comprehensive, referenced case key and commentaries of use long after the activity is completed.
  • Five (5) hours of ACPE credit and 5 hours of BCPP Recertification credit achieved by successfully completing the online CPNP recertification examination. ACPE credit is reported to CPE Monitor at within 48 hours after successful completion of the examination. BCPP Recertification credit is earned and reported within the year the assessment is successfully completed (2020 or 2021).
  • Access to the CPNP testing center with exam submission due by March 25, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this product involves progression through a patient case over a period of time, it is highly recommended by the Editorial Board and past users, that you carve out 5 hours for the course and complete all in 1 sitting.

Session Summary

From Theory to Practice is a recertification product focused on a complex patient case. A patient is followed over three encounters with each one consisting of a case study, pre-recorded webinar, and self-assessment questions. This edition is geriatric-focused, and the three encounters include delirium, dementia, and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). In the first encounter, the case explores a patient who has developed delirium during a hospitalization from both predisposing and precipitating factors (i.e., acute medical illness, anticholinergic use, sedative/hypnotic withdrawal). The webinar reviews diagnostic criteria, precipitating and predisposing factors, and a summary of guideline recommendations on the prevention and treatment of delirium. In the second encounter, the patient case focuses on dementia onset and adverse effects from cholinesterase inhibitors (e.g., bradycardia, urinary incontinence). The webinar reviews major neurocognitive disorder due to Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic criteria, treatment guidelines, an overview of cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine, and highlights important medication trials from the past several years. Lastly, the third case encounter finds the patient experiencing BPSD. The webinar reviews treatment guidelines, nonpharmacologic strategies, and pharmacologic treatment options and risks for BPSD.

Course Requirements

To satisfactorily complete the From Theory to Practice Case and receive 5 hours of BCPP Recertification and ACPE credit, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Abide by a confidentiality and honesty statement requiring individual completion of the recertification education.
  2. Successfully complete an online examination on or before the deadline of March 25, 2021.
  3. Meet the minimum passing score on the final examination as determined by a panel of experts.
  4. Partial credit is not available.

You will proceed through the following steps to satisfactorily complete this course:

  • Review the Required Pre-reading
  • Review Patient Encounter 1 consisting of case, instructional webinar (26 minutes), self-assessment questions.
  • Review Patient Encounter 2 consisting of case, instructional webinar (56 minutes), self-assessment questions.
  • Review Patient Encounter 3 consisting of case, instructional webinar (24 minutes), self-assessment questions.
  • Complete the examination at the end of the activity no later than the closing activity date. (sign in first)
  • Complete the evaluation at the end of the activity. (sign in first)
  • Wait for the official review of exam questions within 4 weeks following the closing date.
  • Be notified of your grade and gain access to your exam results and feedback.
  • Receive a passing grade (as determined by a panel of experts within 4 weeks following the closing date).
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  • Provide the necessary details in your profile to ensure correct reporting by CPNP to CPE Monitor. (sign in first)
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Participants successfully passing the required assessment/examination will obtain both ACPE and BCPP recertification credit. Credit is awarded in the calendar year the assessment is completed. ACPE credit is reported through CPE Monitor within days of examination submission, while BCPP recertification credit is reported to BPS within 6 weeks after the examination deadline.

Faculty Information and Disclosures

Chris Paxos, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS, BCGP

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Continuing Education Credit and Disclosures

Activity Dates: 09/28/2020 - 03/25/2021
ACPE Contact Hours: 5.0
ACPE Number: 0284-0000-20-046-H01-P (Application)
Nursing Credit Reminder: Note that ACPE credit is accepted for certification renewal.

ACPEThe College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. The From Theory to Practice Case Series product is an application-based program approved for 5 ACPE hours. To receive ACPE credit, pharmacists completing this programming are required to complete an evaluation of the course as well as pass an online examination.

Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists (BCPPs) may also receive 5 hours of BCPP Recertification Credit for the From Theory to Practice Case Series upon successful completion of an online examination. BCPP Recertification credit is earned and reported within the year the assessment is successfully completed.