Access to and Completion of Modules

  1. All modules and presentations can be accessed at
  2. Each time you wish to access a module, you will be “purchasing” a course for free within the CPNP website.
  3. The first time you purchase a course, you will be required to complete a user profile on the CPNP system and your initial access request must be approved by Genoa which might result in a slight delay.
  4. Once you “purchase” a course (the system will walk you through each time), you will gain access to the outline and speaker presentation for the topic through the provided link.
  5. It is suggested that you review the detailed outline for each module first followed by the speaker presentation of the content. The speaker presentations are designed to supplement the outline content by offering brief instruction followed by case study implementation. Examination questions (5 per module) are drawn from the module rather than the presentation.  
  6. If you wish to complete a course for ACPE credit, you must complete the module examination followed immediately by the curriculum evaluation. Passing has been established at 60% or above for each module. One retake is allowed per module.  
  7. Once you have successfully completed an examination, you can retrieve an ACPE statement of credit through the available link in the sidebar. If you plan to take multiple modules for ACPE credit, the statement of credit will capture all modules completed until you print a statement.

ACPE Credit

ACPE The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. The Genoa Neuropsychiatric Pharmacy Learning Modules offer up to 12 contact hours (1.2 CEUs) of knowledge-based continuing education credit upon successful completion of each module. ACPE universal program numbers are noted below.

Topic ACPE Contact Hours ACPE Universal Program Number
Anxiety Disorders 1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-055-H01-P
Bipolar Disorders 1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-056-H01-P
Depression 1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-057-H01-P
Neurologic Disorders  1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-058-H01-P
Psychiatric Issues in the Elderly 1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-059-H01-P
Psychiatric Issues in Pediatrics  1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-060-H01-P
Schizophrenia  1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-061-H01-P
Sleep Disorders and Treatment 1.5 hours 0284-0000-11-062-H01-P

Program Evaluation

Upon completion of each module and accompanying examination, you will be asked to complete an evaluation of the applicable component.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and to your participation in this program.