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The Mental Health Clinician (MHC) delves into new topics each month to provide a psychiatric pharmacist perspective on a wide variety of issues.

Suicide: A Prominent Topic in the News and a Prominent Topic at the 2013 CPNP Annual Meeting We will kick off the Annual Meeting with a half-day workshop focused on developing state of the art skills necessary to tackle some of the most difficult and critical tasks regarding the assessment of suicide risk.

PTSD Related Sleep Disorders to be Presented by Dr. Murray Raskind at the 2013 Annual Meeting Gain a glimpse into the 2013 Annual Meeting session on PTSD Related Sleep Disorders.

Medication Interest Model (MIM) Featured as Annual Meeting Keynote Topic The Monday, April 22nd, keynote will feature Shawn Shea, MD, demonstrating and teaching the MIM as a valuable asset for your clinician toolbox.

The DSM-5 and the Mental Health Clinician as Consultant The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, commonly called the DSM, is the predominant way to account for mental distress and illness.

Digging Data for a Healthier World The closing keynote address at the 2013 CPNP Annual Meeting on Friday, April 24 will be presented by nationally recognized Dr. Atul Butte.


Resources for Registrants Only

2013 CPNP Annual Meeting attendees can access a number of valuable resources. Registrants can view the poster abstracts that will be on display at the meeting, and they can participate in discussions related to roundtable topics and the town hall. They will also be able to access the Powerpoint slides for the on-site presentations once they are finalized. If you are a registrant, log in below to see these resources. Otherwise, register for the Annual Meeting now to gain access to the online resources.

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