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Activity Date: 04/17/2016

Resident Track Schedule

Sunday, April 17

One afternoon of programming is specifically designed to meet the needs of residents. No ACPE credit is provided for the resident track programming.

2:00-2:15 p.m.: Welcome and Introduction

2:15-3:00 p.m.: Managing Up and All Around: How to Prove Yourself, Gain Buy-In and Achieve Success
Sheila Botts, PharmD, BCPP, FCCP, Daniel  Dugan, PharmD, BCPP, and Phillip Lai, PharmD, BCPP

So you’ve got the job…now what? This session will showcase scenarios on how to thrive in any environment. Discussion will include understanding stakeholders, culture and protocol early in your career.

3:00-3:30 p.m.: Starting a New Practice
Kelly Gable, PharmD, BCPP

Psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists are often faced with the rewarding yet daunting task of creating a new practice. This session provides practical, first-person insight into the key components of a successful new practice with discussion of factors that enable practice success. Additionally the session presents methods to demonstrate the value of a new practice in promoting growth and sustainability.

3:45-4:30 p.m.: Starting a New Practice Roundtable

Residents can choose to attend two of the four featured practice areas which include inpatient practice, ambulatory care, academia, and Veterans Affairs.

Practice Setting Roundtable Facilitator 1 Roundtable Facilitator 2
Inpatient Practice Jonathan Leung, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP Jill Kauer, PharmD, MSPhr, BCPP
Ambulatory Care Kelly Gable, PharmD, BCPP Sandra Mullen, PharmD, BCPP
Academia Erika Tillery, PharmD, BCPP, CGP Julie Dopheide, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP
VA Traci Dutton, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS Jeffrey Gold, PharmD, BCPP


4:30-5:00 p.m.: Resident Community Meeting
Community Leaders: Jessa Koch, PharmD, Sarah Ward, PharmD
Incoming Community Leaders: 
Taylor Modesitt, 
Melissa Palmer

Residents will have the opportunity to network, discuss residents fostering new student CPNP chapters, receive feedback from activities over the last year, and create goals for the community going forward.

5:00-5:30: Ready, Set, BCPP
Cynthia Kirkwood, PharmD, BCPP, Brian Lawson, PharmD, Traci Turner, PharmD, BCPP, and Andrew Williams, PharmD, BCPP

Representatives from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) and the CPNP's Recertification Editorial Board join residents at CPNP 2016 to explain the criteria that must be met before qualifying to take the board certified psychiatric pharmacy (BCPP) examination. The content outline domains are described and recently successful BCPPs outline their preparation strategies. Recertification resources are described to allow newly minted BCPPs to understand their options upon certification success.

7:00-8:30 p.m.: From Compassion to Action - A Volunteer Opportunity for Residents and Students (RSVP required to attend)

Residents and students will team up to decorate meal bags for underserved residents in Colorado Springs. Enjoy pizza and networking while putting your compassion into action.

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