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CPNP offers opportunities to conduct educational symposia in conjunction with the CPNP 2020 Annual Meeting. CPNP 2020 is expected to attract an audience of 950+ pharmacists seeking the latest in clinical and practice-oriented information available through CPNP’s educational programming and networking opportunities.

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Specific time slots have been designated for symposia each day of the meeting and are available for qualified and accepted proposals. No CPNP programming or events occur during these times unless noted. Attendance at these activities varies and is dependent on the topic, speakers, and the time slot selected as noted below. A grant supported educational symposium is defined as a scientific program developed for educational purposes. All programs must provide ACPE contact hours and be in compliance with federal and state laws that regulate the marketing and promotion of reimbursable health care products. Download the 2020 CPNP Prospectus.

Symposium Slots and Fees

Sunday, April 26 Monday, April 27 Tuesday, April 28

Time: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
Fee: $35,000
Estimated Attendance: 400

Time: 11:45 AM-1:30 PM
Fee: $35,000
Estimated Attendance: 400

Time: 7:00-8:30 AM
Fee: $20,000
Estimated Attendance: 120


Time: 3:45-5:30 PM
Fee: $25,000
Estimated Attendance: 250

*Note: No meal/break service required for this slot

Time: 11:15 AM-12:45 PM
Fee: $35,000
Estimated Attendance: 375


Symposium Fees Include

  • CPNP website and conference schedule listing
  • Inclusion in the printed conference program schedule and in verbal announcements
  • Listings within CPNP's monthly electronic registrant and membership e-blasts
  • On-site signage
  • One-time use of registrant mailing list for invitation issuance only
  • Meeting room rental and set-up at the Hyatt Regency Dallas
  • Registration desk in industry event foyer
  • Access to a speaker ready room
  • QR coded badges for effi cient scanning of attendee badges via cell phone
  • Audiovisual and staging to include:
    • 18,000 square foot ballroom set banquet style for approximately 500
    • Floor to ceiling black drapery behind the stage
    • One (1) 24’ (W) x 12’ (D) stage riser with a head table for three and a podium
    • Two (2) Projectors with rear projection, 7k-8k lumens
    • Seven (7) Speakers
    • One (1) Podium microphone
    • Two (2) Wireless microphones
    • Stage lighting package and LED up-lighting package
    • One speaker timer, presentation remote, confidence monitor
    • CPNP's complimentary wireless internet access (lower bandwidth)

Symposium Guidelines

  • No competing events are held during Satellite Symposia, with the exception of the Tuesday breakfast slot when a limited audience community meeting may be offered.
  • All events, with the exception of the Monday mid-afternoon slot, must provide an appropriate meal.
  • CPNP will assign one dedicated meeting room to Symposia. This room will be set banquet style (rounds) for approximately 500 attendees.
  • With the use of one dedicated meeting room for all Symposia and a tight schedule, a standard room set and basic audiovisual package are required and are included in the fee.
  • Symposia providers must use CPNP's preferred audiovisual provider for additional equipment and services.
  • Once CPNP confirms your meeting room, time slot, and topic, all arrangements and expenses for catering (not applicable for Monday mid-afternoon slot) and other meeting services will be the responsibility of the supporting organization or their assigned contractor.
  • A speaker ready room is provided.
  • Attendance must be open to all CPNP Annual Meeting attendees and is only available to individuals registered for the CPNP Annual Meeting. Attendance can be capped with permission from CPNP.
  • Speakers for the Symposium must be registered to the CPNP Annual Meeting for at least the day of the event.
  • All Satellite Symposia must be approved for ACPE credit. Providers can contract with CPNP to provide ACPE services at an additional cost of $5000.
  • A CPNP member must be selected as Program Chair and written Symposia proposals must be approved by CPNP prior to submission to pharmaceutical grant providers.
  • Written symposia proposals must be made  to CPNP prior to submission to pharmaceutical grant providers.
  • Meals must be served very briefly before programming or concurrent with programming due to the 90 minute session length. 
  • Programming is limited to 90 minutes. Total Symposium length is limited to 1.5 hours. 
  • All fees are due at the time of application.
  • Multiple uses of the same speakers between events is discouraged. CPNP must approve speakers as a result.

Symposium Application

Symposium opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis upon grant approval and approval by CPNP. Applicants must complete the required symposium application, submit the grant letter of agreement, and the CPNP fee at time of submission.


For additional information, contact Brenda Schimenti, CPNP Executive Director at or at 402.476.1677.

All external continuing education programming intended for CPNP members attending this conference must be submitted to CPNP through the satellite symposia or product theater option. No outside events can be held at or in conjunction with CPNP’s Annual Meeting without review and approval from CPNP.