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Date: Wednesday, 04/21/2021

Time: 12:00 PM (view in the schedule)

Session Summary

Migraine is common in children and adolescents with a prevalence of 8-23% by age 15 years and is associated with significant impact on academic performance, social functioning, peer/family relationships – particularly with recurrent, severe presentations. Association with anxiety and depressive disorders is common, warranting critical evaluation among both psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists. A variety of treatment strategies have been evaluated, including acute/preventive, behavioral/lifestyle, and complementary/alternative strategies. Recent updates in treatment guidelines, advancement in literature, and caregiver interest in complementary/alternative approaches make this a timely topic for psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists. The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Community idea exchange will allow for high-level discussion of migraine treatment updates, clinical pearls, and perspectives from a neurologic pharmacist – allowing for much needed attention to this important topic. This will be a special opportunity to share tools, ideas, and current practices among this unique patient population.

Faculty Information and Disclosures

Andrea Calvert, PharmD
Danielle Stutzman, PharmD, BCPP
Sandra Mullen, PharmD, BCPP

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