Workshop: Facilitating Effective Virtual Meetings

Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the global adoption of remote work and collaboration. Many professionals have embraced telehealth, and many academics are adjusting to virtual classrooms. However,  there are other important types of remote work that also need attention. This workshop provides hands-on training in established techniques to plan and facilitate effective virtual meetings. The resulting skills can be applied to peer discussions, office planning meetings, project review meetings, and other types of professional and personal meetings. The workshop spans 10 weeks, culminating in facilitating discussions at CPNP 2021.

Target Audience: Pharmacists 

ACPE Credit: Up to 8 hours 

Dates: February 17-April 28, 2021. The workshop spans 10 weeks, culminating in facilitating discussions at CPNP 2021.

Registration Fee: $200 + CPNP 2021 Annual Meeting Registration

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Workshop: Applying Pharmacogenomics (PGx) to Clinical Practice

Summary: There has been significant growth in the use of pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing applied to the prescribing of psychiatric medications. Patients and providers may be unfamiliar with PGx tests, including resources available to aid in interpretation, as well as how to effectively communicate with patients and other providers about the reasons to (or not to test) and interpretation of the results. With the event of direct to consumer testing options, providers may also be uncertain of what to do when presented with a testing result, including understanding the evidence behind the results included. Furthermore, providers may not be comfortable counseling patients on PGx results due to their lack of direct experience with the tests. Therefore, this program will be geared toward the novice learner with intent to build and enhance pharmacists’ understanding of the current state of evidence for incorporating pharmacogenomics into patient care plans.

Target Audience: Pharmacists 

ACPE Credit: 3.25 hours 

Date: Wednesday, February 24 (1:00-4:45 PM). This workshop is 3.25 hours in length, delivered virtually in one afternoon

Registration Fees: $75-$115

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