One of CPNP’s primary strategies is to partner with others in the health professions through coalitions. This collective work allows us to advocate for legislation and regulation that is favorable toward the profession and the patients we serve but with a much bigger, more powerful voice. To see coalition letters that CPNP has joined, click here. Partnering with coalitions:

  1. Builds CPNP’s profile within the pharmacy and mental health advocacy community.
  2. Allows CPNP to be a participant in policy discussions.
  3. Enhances and showcases CPNP's patient advocacy efforts.

CPNP participates in and supports the work of the following coalition partners:

Health Professions and Nursing Education Coalition (HPNEC)

The Health Professions and Nursing Education Coalition (HPNEC) is an informal alliance of more than 60 organizations representing a variety of schools, programs, health professionals and students dedicated to educating professional health personnel. Together, the members of HPNEC advocate for adequate and continued support for the health professions and nursing workforce development programs authorized under Titles VII and VIII of the Public Health Service Act. The members of the Coalition believe these programs are essential to the development and training of tomorrow's health professionals and are critical to providing continued health services to underserved and minority communities.

Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners

JCPP was established in 1977 and serves as a forum on matters of common interest and concern to national organizations of pharmacy practitioners and invited liaison members.

Mental Health Liaison Group (MHLG)

The Mental Health Liaison Group (MHLG) is a coalition of national organizations representing consumers, family members, mental health and addiction providers, advocates, payers and other stakeholders committed to strengthening Americans’ access to mental health and addiction care. As trusted leaders in the field, our 60+ member organizations are dedicated to elevating the national conversation around mental health and addiction. Together, we work to advance federal policies that support prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery services and supports.

Partnership for Part D Access

The Partnership for Part D Access is a collection of healthcare stakeholders, including patient groups, advocacy organizations and allied members of industry, who are committed to maintaining beneficiary access to the full range of available medications under Medicare Part D.

Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition (PAPCC)

The mission of the Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition (PAPCC) is to develop and help enact a federal policy proposal that would enable Medicare beneficiary access to, and payment for, Medicare Part B services by state-licensed pharmacists in medically underserved communities. Our primary goal is to improve medically underserved seniors’ access to pharmacists’ services consistent with state scope of practice laws and regulations.