The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) is a professional association representing 3,000+ psychiatric pharmacists and trainees. CPNP’s membership consists of pharmacists who are specialized and highly trained in psychiatry, addiction, psychopharmacology, and neurology. Psychiatric pharmacists, as members of an interprofessional team of health care professionals, can and do make a difference in patient recovery and quality of life. CPNP invites you to become a visible part of our organization as a corporate sponsor, advertiser, or product theater provider as described below:

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    Corporate Sponsorship Program: By joining CPNP as a corporate sponsor you will differentiate yourself and gain a year-round link to a community of specialist pharmacists in psychiatry. Learn more.


    2022 Product Theater Opportunities: CPNP is offering up to 5 virtual product theater opportunities from June through November of 2022. Learn more.

    Digital Advertising Opportunities: Though the association home for psychiatric pharmacists, CPNP’s digital reach extends to other health care professionals interested in psychiatry and effective, evidence-based treatment for those living mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or neurologic disorders. View the opportunities available and feel free to outreach about unique opportunities you don’t see listed here. Learn more.
    CPNP 2022 Annual Meeting Sponsorships: The CPNP Annual Meeting is regarded as the premier conference on psychiatric pharmacy. Anticipating an attendance over 800 in 2022 in San Antonio and 200+ virtually, the CPNP meeting is unique in its focus on psychiatric, substance use, and neurologic disorders and treatment. Organizations can sponsor many aspects of the CPNP Annual Meeting ranging from event sponsorships to product theater and symposium sponsorships. Learn more.
    2022 Virtual Substance Use Disorder Summit ACPE Approved Symposium Opportunities: CPNP’s 2022 SUD Summit will offer the opportunity for inclusion of up to 2 ACPE approved industry symposia. Learn more.


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