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Steven Burghart, DPh, MBA, BCPP
CPNP President 2014-2015

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
Anthony Burgess

In July, I began my tenure as president of CPNP.  I am honored to have the opportunity to lead such a fine organization. It takes more than one person to make a successful organization. It takes a community of caring and professional individuals. CPNP is blessed with both excellent staff and volunteers. I am grateful to have their guidance as we move CPNP forward. I would also like to thank those CPNP board members whose terms ended in June for their service and dedication, Rex Lott, Ellie Elliott and Troy Moore.

After I became board certified in 1999, a colleague suggested I join a fledgling professional society for specialists in psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. Even though I knew little about the organization, I promptly joined CPNP. I wanted to belong to a group with interests similar to mine. I attended my first CPNP annual meeting in 2003. I quickly learned what makes CPNP so successful. In addition to excellent educational programming, CPNP is both welcoming and willing to mentor newcomers in the community. I decided then to dedicate myself to service to CPNP.

In 2013, CPNP spent a great deal of energy developing a new three year strategic plan. The plan includes a new vision and mission and five major goals. I encourage you to review our strategic plan. My focus for this year will be to advance the goals set forth in the CPNP 2014-2016 Strategic Plan. 

In August, we launch CPNP Communities. This is a big step in advancing our strategic membership goals of facilitating efficient communication between members with similar special interests and to improve the quality and organization of member-driven content on the web site. More information on CPNP Communities are available in additional articles in this month’s Perspectives Newsletter. I encourage you to check the community offerings out and sign up for those that will offer information and mentoring we all need in our professional careers.

Also in August, CPNP programming and recertification editorial boards, leadership and staff will meet to develop five year written plans for recertification and annual meeting programming. Education is one of the things that CPNP does very well and you tell us is important to you. These plans will provide guidance for us as we focus on innovation and value to ensure we continue to be the premier provider of education to neuropsychiatric and aspiring neuropsychiatric pharmacists.

CPNP has just concluded a very successful year. With your help, the CPNP community is poised for a very successful future.

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