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CPNP achieved continued ACPE accreditation status for a standard six-year term during its most recent reaccreditation audit. Of the 16 points of evaluation, CPNP achieved commendations in the following 5 categories with all other categories meeting expectations (see excerpts from the ACPE report below). CPNP is proud to serve our members by developing and delivery relevant programming designed to meet your needs. Our thanks to the many CPNP members who assist CPNP in ensuring that the programming the organization provides you is of the highest quality.

Standard 2: Educational Needs Assessment

The reviewers commend the provider on its robust and multi-faceted approach to needs assessment and gap analysis for its educational activities. The provider is encouraged to continue using surveys, literature reviews, its planning committee members, review of member ListServ communications and its patient care communities to guide its planning processes.

Standard 3: Continuing Pharmacy Education Activities

The reviewers commend the provider on its process for designing educational activities that meet the definitions of knowledge- and application-based education and acknowledge that the organization is striving to provide increasing application-based content. The provider’s policies and procedures indicate a good understanding of the differences between the types of education and the ability to implement course content based on the type of educational activity.

Standard 5: Standards for Commercial Support

Standard 6: Faculty

The reviewers commend the provider for its informative and concise faculty guidance materials describing expectations for instructional materials, development of performance objectives, and incorporation of active learning exercises. The reviewers note the robust process for selecting speakers based on the needs assessment and gap analysis, communicating content requirements and delivery methods to the speakers and maintaining direct communication with the speakers throughout the planning process.

Standard 10: Assessment Feedback

The provider is commended on its consistent and multi-faceted approach to providing learning assessment feedback to the participants using such methods as pre- and post-tests with audience response systems, assessment questions on evaluations with immediate feedback provided, and ability to re-enter certification exams (after a pre-determined period) to view the questions, answers chosen and the rationale for correct answers.

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