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Chris Thomas, PharmD, BCPP, CPNP Board President-Elect

As reported in the January version of “The CPNP Perspective,” CPNP leadership has been working with ASHP to develop new Competency Areas, Goals, and Objectives for the PGY-2 Psychiatry Residency Programs. The members of CPNP contributing to the new goals and objectives are: Jose Rey, Ronald Reed, Christopher Thomas, Tawny Smith, and Amy VandenBerg,

The first draft of the new competency areas, goals, and objectives has been completed and sent to Residency Program Directors (RPDs) for feedback. After discussion with member RPDs in January, many of their recommendations were incorporated into the proposed document of changes. At this point, the document was sent the Commission on Credentialing (CoC) for approval.

In March, the CoC met and reviewed the PGY-2 Psychiatry Goals and Objectives, along with three other PGY-2 Specialties (Critical Care, Oncology, Pediatrics). At the meeting, the CoC decided to harmonize the PGY-2 Requirements, Goals, and Objectives and not approve any of the documents until a workgroup could be formed and consistency could be maintained across all specialties. The workgroup will consist of CoC members, along with Christopher Thomas to represent Psychiatry/CPNP. The workgroup will begin work in early April in effort to prepare the document for the CoC meeting in August 2016. If the goals and objectives are approved in August, the earliest implementation date would be July 2017.

CPNP would like to thank the Accreditation Services Office of ASHP for allowing our organization to be a part of this ongoing process.

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