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Amy Werremeyer, PharmD, BCPP, MHC Senior Editor

The Mental Health Clinician has had a great year since we were all together in 2015 in Tampa! The MHC Editorial Board, publisher and staff have been hard at work putting out high-quality, peer-reviewed content. Since the last CPNP Annual Meeting, 6 issues of the MHC have been published, featuring a total of 45 peer-reviewed articles. Ten of those articles were Original Research, while 12 of them were the highly read Reviews of Drugs/Pharmacotherapy. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse all 45 of these articles, be sure to consult the Issue Archives on the MHC homepage.

You may have noticed that the MHC has featured more open-submission content in the past year than ever before. Though the journal seeks and will continue to seek and to publish content along several themes that are important to our readers, the journal has also received many excellent non-theme-related open submissions, which continue to expand the reach and scope of the journal.

The MHC Editorial Board wishes to continue to invite authorship from within as well as outside of the CPNP membership. Open submissions are ALWAYS welcome. We also wish to continue to invite peer reviewers. Manuscript submission as well as signing on as a peer reviewer can be done under the ‘Contributors’ menu at

Finally, the MHC Editorial Board wishes to thank the CPNP membership and leadership for their generous readership, support and contributions to the quality of the journal.

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