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By Katie Brase, Event and Project Coordinator

In a recent survey, CPNP members rated connecting with old friends and colleagues and meeting new people as one of the most valuable attributes of CPNP Annual Meeting attendance. When it was announced that CPNP 2021 would be held virtual, did you think that your annual meeting networking cup would not be filled? Fear not! Not only is CPNP 2021 going to have a dedicated Networking Hour every single day, scheduled engagement events throughout the Annual Meeting offer tons of opportunities to learn with your peers in different formats.


During each 45-minute Networking Hour, attendees can choose from 2 different tracks that include daily debriefs or speed networking!

  1. Daily Debriefs: Lock in key insights from the day during daily debrief discussions with 10-15 other attendees! A trained CPNP facilitator will guide the discussion and help participants connect and extend learning from the day's activities. If you’re missing that water cooler talk between sessions where you share your comments about a session, this is the activity for you!
  2. Speed Networking: If unstructured networking is your forte, this activity is for you! Each day, participants will randomly be paired up with up to 8 different people for 5 minutes. That’s it! The beauty of this format is that you may meet 8 new people each day, or you may reconnect with 8 people you have already met. Leave it up to the Zoom wheel of chance and have some fun chatting with other attendees.


In addition to nearly 20 hours of ACPE approved sessions, CPNP 2021 will offer multiple ways to capitalize on your educational investment throughout the week.

  • Poster sessions: Learn more from researchers by reviewing recorded video summaries, a new feature for poster sessions at CPNP 2021. Attendees can explore the latest research and dialogue online with authors during two dedicated poster sessions. 
  • Idea Exchanges: These sessions are hosted by CPNP Communities and provide peer-to-peer collaboration on a focused topic. Topics will be announced closer to the Annual Meeting.
  • Watch Parties: Watch on-demand sessions alongside your peers with the added benefit of chatting about the presented content at the same time. Prioritize learning to make the most out of your Annual Meeting experience! Recertification watch parties also offer a second chance to view a recording of those sessions and ask questions of the speaker.


  • Kick-Off Happy Hour: Come help us set the stage for CPNP 2021! Set aside 90 minutes on April 16 to get pumped up for the Annual Meeting.
  • Nightly Trivia Sponsored by the CPNP Foundation: We challenge YOU to get together a group of friends/coworkers/former residency peers to plan a night (or 4) to get together and play trivia! And wouldn’t it be fun to challenge another group to a trivia battle? If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! We will create teams with the people that log on solo. What a great way to network! Thank you to the CPNP Foundation for sponsoring 4 nights of fun!
  • CPNP Forum On Our Future: This 3-part event will cover all things CPNP! Come and listen to the Saklad Memorial Award presentation, celebrate the research and practice award winners, and give feedback on CPNP’s draft strategic plan. This is your chance to shape the future of your professional association.
  • User-Scheduled Meetups: CPNP is a tight-knit community and we know the meeting is a time to reconnect with your CPNP friends, colleagues, past residents, etc. During CPNP 2021, you can still schedule your own meet-up with CPNP providing an online meeting room for your group! You can make your meet-up public and allow others to join or you can keep them private and invite a select group of people.  

It is a known fact that you learn just as much out of the "classroom" as in the "classroom" at CPNP Annual Meetings. That is why CPNP 2021 will push the boundaries and offer a variety of opportunities for networking and engagement. Choose your own path based on your schedule and time zone to customize your CPNP 2021 experience. Additional information can always be found on the Networking page of the CPNP 2021 website. We hope you will join us for one or more of these exciting activities!

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