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As I write this article, CPNP is in the final days of developing and implementing CPNP 2021, which will occur April 19-23. This conference has some wonderful features, including:

We hope that you are among the nearly 1,000 individuals who have already registered to attend the conference, but if not, you still have until April 19 to register at

In preparation for CPNP 2021, I recently recorded a welcome and volunteer thank you. As I prepared for the recording, one phrase really resonated with me.

A Mighty CPNP=Volunteers + Members + Staff

Living in Alabama, I hear the phrase “mighty fine” used when someone is especially pleased with something. I am mighty fine with CPNP, but I am especially awestruck by the Mighty CPNP I have been able to experience and contribute to this past year as CPNP President. Consider just a few of the following accomplishments made possible by the combined, MIGHTY efforts of CPNP volunteers, members and staff over the past year:

  • 152 peer reviewers helped the MHC process 92 manuscripts
  • Nearly 1 million visits to MHC articles each year
  • MHC accepted into Scopus with indexing to occur later this year
  • 55 student chapters with 1300+ student members promoting psychiatric pharmacy
  • 4 seminal papers related to the profession released or nearing release
  • 23,000+ hours of CE claimed through CPNP
  • 218 scientific abstracts
  • 100+ comment letters to legislators and regulators
  • 1st best-practices research effort launched
  • Hundreds of CPNP members engaged in strategic planning
  • 620 members contributing time and talent to CPNP representing 1/5 of members

These accomplishments are in addition to the extensive  strategic planning effort CPNP has been engaged in the past 18 months. We are excited to bring this process closer to implementation stages as we present our draft plan to you during the Forum on our Future on Thursday, April 22 from 3:45-5 PM Central Time (immediately after the Judith J Saklad Award to Dr. Cherry Jackson from 3:15-3:45 PM Central Time). We are so thankful for the focus group participants, survey respondents, and strategic planning committee volunteers who dedicated countless hours to crafting the most ambitious strategic plan in CPNP’s history. You can learn much more about the virtual strategic planning process in a more detailed article in this edition of CPNP Perspectives. We can’t wait to get your feedback during the Forum.

Thank you for being a member of the MIGHTY CPNP team and continuing to contribute your time and talent. Your contributions will be even more important as we embark on our new strategic plan.

“See” you soon at CPNP 2021!

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