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As the CPNP Foundation’s 10-year anniversary celebration concludes at the end of December, we are looking to the future and beyond. We are so appreciative of every single donation that we have received—large, small, and every amount between—and we are pleased to announce that we have reached our goal of $50,000 raised in 2021!

But we can’t stop now! The Foundation has so many goals and projects to support in 2022 making your support even that more critical. Each of the Foundation’s initiatives exist to support the profession, including the brand-new leadership development initiatives and student chapter impact grants to support the next generation of health care leaders! In addition to this, CPNP Foundation is:

  1. Increasing Awareness of Psychiatric Pharmacy
  2. Impacting Local Communities
  3. Growing the Profession of Psychiatric Pharmacy
  4. Engaging Students in Psychiatric Pharmacy
  5. Combatting Stigma
  6. Supporting Patients
  7. Cultivating Leaders
  8. Promoting Networking and Collaboration
  9. Advancing Practitioner Development
  10. Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Learn more about these efforts at You can give online or mail donations directly to the CPNP Foundation at 8055 O Street, Ste. S113, Lincoln, NE 68510. The CPNP Foundation Board is extremely thankful for the continued support from CPNP members, and looks forward to advancing the psychiatric pharmacy profession together with CPNP.

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