Movies in the Classroom is a recurring column in The CPNP Perspective to provide an insight into pop culture perspectives on psychiatric disorders and pharmacotherapy. Browse or search the movies below to find something interesting to watch.

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American Sniper
American Sniper U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname "Legend". However, his reputation is also growing behind enemy lines, ...
Awakenings By opening one man's eyes to the world... he opened his own. Robert De Niro (in an Oscar-nominated performance) and Robin Williams star in this powerful, true story of a maverick doctor and the patients whose lives he changes. Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy research physician who uses an experimental drug to ...
Basketball Diaries, The
The Basketball Diaries Film adaptation of street tough Jim Carroll's epistle about his kaleidoscopic free fall into the harrowing world of drug addiction. As a member of a seemingly unbeatable high school basketball squad; Jim's life centers around the basketball court and the court becomes a metaphor for the world in his ...
Beautiful Mind, A
A Beautiful Mind Winner of 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, A Beautiful Mind is directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard and produced by long-time partner and collaborator, Academy Award winner Brian Grazer. A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe in an astonishing performance as brilliant mathematician John Nash, on the ...
Benny and Joon
Benny and Joon Johnny Depp (Sleepy Hollow), Mary Stuart Masterson (Bed of Roses) and Aidan Quinn (Practical Magic) star in this wonderfully unique and delightfully offbeat romantic comedy. Joon (Masterson) is a little unbalanced. Sometimes, without warning, her sweet nature gives wayto odd behaviorincluding a penchant for setting ...
Black Swan
Black Swan “You can’t tear your eyes away” (Entertainment Weekly) from this “wicked, psychosexual thriller” (Daily Variety) starring ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER Natalie Portman* and directed by Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler ). This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician. ...
Boy Interrupted
Boy Interrupted On the night of Oct. 2, 2005, Hart and Dana Perry's 15-year-old son Evan jumped to his death from his New York City bedroom window. This moving film is the story, told by his parents and others who knew him, of Evan's life and death, and life-long struggle with bipolar disorder. In showing how one family deals with generations of loss and grief, the ...
Call Me Crazy: A Five Film
Call Me Crazy: A Five Film Like its first breast cancer-themed installment, Call Me Crazy aka Five 2/Five More will feature five short films featuring A-list talent both in front and behind the camera. The sequel will address mental illness. Directors include Laura Dern, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd and Bryce Dallas Howard. ...
Caveman’s Valentine, The
The Caveman’s Valentine In this spine-tingling and visually stunning thriller, Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Unbreakable, Shaft, Pulp Fiction) delivers a "full-throttle performance" (People) as Romulus Ledbetter, a misunderstood musician turned recluse, hiding from personal demons in a New York City cave. ...
Drugstore Cowboy
Drugstore Cowboy Drugstore Cowboy takes place in the early 1970's, in the wake of the cultural revolution when recreational drug use was more widely tolerated. The film stars Matt Dillon as a young man named Bobby who becomes addicted to opioids, including hydromorphone, at a young age.  This dvd was ...
Flight Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington stars in this “riveting and powerful nail-biting thriller1” from Robert Zemeckis, the Academy Award®winning director of Forrest Gump and Cast Away. Airline pilot Whip Whitaker (Washington) miraculously lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe.  But even as ...
Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Girl, Interrupted (1999) Two time Oscar(r)-nominee Winona Ryder stars in the fascinating true story of a young woman's life-altering stay at a famous psychiatric hospital in the turbulent late 1960's. Questionably diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Susanna (Winona Ryder) rebels against the head nurse (Whoopi ...
Life As A House
Life As A House Life As A House is a 2001 film, directed by Irwin Winkler, that follows the dysfunctional life of a broken family. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Love and Other Drugs
Love and Other Drugs Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway co-star in “the smartest, sexiest and downright best screen-melting romance of the year” (Parade ). Hathaway delivers an unforgettable performance as the free-spirited Maggie, who meets her match in a charming Viagra salesman named Jamie (Gyllenhaal). Maggie and ...
Machinist (2011), The
The Machinist (2011) THE MACHINIST is the story of Trevor Reznik, a machinist who hasn’t slept in over a year. Working in a machine shop, Trevor faces the usual occupational hazards, yet his extreme fatigue only makes them worse, causing him to accidentally cut off a co-worker’s hand. What Trevor suffers from clearly ...
Matchstick Men
Matchstick Men Nicolas Cage stars as a con man with an obsessive-compulsive disorder whose orderly life and latest scam are threatened by the reappearance of a teenage daughter he never knew existed. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Melancholia Kirsten Dunst plays a bride whose lavish wedding descends into chaos as a new planet called Melancholia is getting dangerously close to Earth. Kiefer Sutherland, Alexander Skarsgard and John Hurt also star. This movie was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Movie: Still Alice
Movie: Still Alice Alice Howland, a linguistics professor, receives a diagnosis of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease and finds her family bonds wholly tested. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
My Left Foot
My Left Foot This cinematic masterpiece is the brilliant portrayal of legendary Irishman Christy Brown (Daniel Day-Lewis) who, despite crippling cerebral palsy, learned to use his one controllable extremity -- his left foot -- to become an accomplished artist and writer. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health ...
Nerve In this indie favorite, a young man battles his social anxiety disorder with the help of a pretty psychology student. Little does he know, it'll be the battle of his life. This movie was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Notebook, The
The Notebook Behind every great love is a great story. Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love during one summer together, but are tragically forced apart. When they reunite 7 years later, their passionate romance is rekindled, forcing one of them to choose between true love and class order. ...
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest One of the key movies of the 1970s, when exciting, groundbreaking, personal films were still being made in Hollywood, Milos Forman's One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest emphasized the humanistic story at the heart of Ken Kesey's more hallucinogenic novel. Jack Nicholson was born to play ...
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower is based on the wildly popular novel by Stephen Chbosky about a freshman named Charlie (Logan Lerman) who is always watching from the sidelines until a pair of charismatic seniors takes him under their wing. Beautiful, free-s pirited Sam (Emma Watson) and her fearless ...
Requiem Based on a true story that inspired the horror film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. An epileptic girl suffers a breakdown during her first year at university, then decides to seek help from a priest who reinforces her conviction that she is possessed. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician. ...
Requiem for a Dream
Requiem for a Dream On the rusted mean streets of Coney Island in Brooklyn, four people pursue a better life - a Mother, her son, her son's girl friend and her son's best friend. They face a drug-induced decay. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Shutter Island
Shutter Island Martin Scorsese puts Leonardo DiCaprio through the wringer again in Shutter Island, a gothic adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel. Leo's character, a Federal Marshal named Teddy Daniels, is first seen vomiting and jittery aboard a ferry; he and his new partner (Mark Ruffalo) are being taken across the water to ...
Silver Lining Playbook
Silver Lining Playbook Life doesn't always go according to plan. Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) has lost everything -- his house, his job, and his wife. He now finds himself living back with his mother (Jacki Weaver) and father (Robert DeNiro) after spending eight months is a state institution on a plea bargain. Pat is ...
Soloist, The
The Soloist Academy Award nominee Robert Downey Jr. and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx star in an extraordinary and inspiring true story of how a chance meeting can change a life. The Soloist tells the poignant and ultimately soaring tale of a Los Angeles newspaper reporter who discovers a brilliant and distracted street musician, ...
Speak Based on the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, this follows a high school freshman who expresses herself in art to go beyond the date rape and the silence from her parents, classmates and others. This dvd was reviewed in the Mental Health Clinician.
Spun Three days of epic drug binging become a meth-induced odyssey for college dropout Ross when he becomes the local crystal meth cook's personal driver in exchange for free drugs. Bouncing from one bizarre situation to another, Ross slowly slips deeper and deeper into the crazy anonymous world of speed freaks in which there ...
Take Shelter
Take Shelter Following his acclaimed debut, Shotgun Stories, writer/director Jeff Nichols reteams with actor Michael Shannon to create a haunting tale that will creep under your skin and expose your darkest fears. Curtis LaForche lives in a small town in Ohio with his wife, Samantha, and daughter, Hannah, a six-year-old deaf girl. When Curtis begins to have terrifying dreams, ...
What About Bob
What About Bob Comic wizard Bill Murray (CRADLE WILL ROCK, RUSHMORE) teams up with Academy Award(R)-winner Richard Dreyfuss teams up with (Best Actor, 1978, THE GOODBYE GIRL; MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS) in an outrageously wild comedy that's sure to drive you off the deep end! Murray plays Bob Wiley, a troubled but lovable therapy ...
Wolf of Wall Street, The
The Wolf of Wall Street Sex. Money. Power. Drugs. Brace yourself for an outrageous true story from legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a young stockbroker hungry for a life of non-stop thrills where corruption was king and more was never enough. His rise to power earned him the title The Wolf of Wall ...