Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, Second Edition
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By A. John Rush Jr., Michael B. First, Deborah Blacker

The Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, Second Edition, offers a compendium of the most noteworthy, widely used, and important new efforts in clinical and research measures. Clinicians, researchers, and managed care administrators will have at their fingertips expert assessment of over 275 measures in a wide array of domains, including a review of each measure's clinical utility, goals, practical issues, and psychometric properties.

Use of this special resource is further enhanced by a CD-ROM containing the full text of 150 of these measures--an invaluable aid for reference and clinical decision-making.

In this fully revised edition, more than 40 measures have been added to the discussion and to the CD-ROM. In addition to reassessing measures for inclusion--adding measures that empirically provide better patient evaluation and subtracting measures that have been superseded--chapter authors have thoroughly examined and revised measure discussions to provide the most relevant and timely information for clinicians. Costs, translations, and contact information for each measure have also been updated.

Introductory chapters provide background on the application of measures in specific contexts, including a discussion of cultural factors, psychometric properties, and the clinical selection of measures. Readers are then fully equipped with extensive coverage of general diagnostic measures for adults, and measures to evaluate psychiatric symptoms, mental and physical health status, quality of life, adverse effects, patient perceptions of care, stress and life events, family and relational issues, and suicide risk. Next, 17 disorder-specific chapters impart expert review of measures for disorders of childhood and adolescence, cognitive disorders, substance use, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, psychotic disorders, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, impulse-control, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and aggression. Each chapter includes updated measure descriptions, new measure variants and research, and newly selected measures particularly appropriate to the domain of discussion.

The Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, Second Edition, promises to become one of the most-used and highly valued resources at a clinician's, researcher's, and administrator's disposal. Much more than a summary of measures, this revised edition provides the essential information to make better decisions about the use of a particular measure.

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