If you would like to send a message to the board of directors, please use the contact form or email board@cpnp.org. The 2020-2021 Board represents a variety of practice settings such that their jobs consist of Academia (43%), Clinical (43%), and Research (14%).

Marshall Cates, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, FCCP
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Birmingham, AL

Academia: 100%
Since I'm a department chair, I don't currently have a practice site. However, I am involved in a clinic every few months that is dedicated to mental health care for the medically underserved. My primary teaching responsibilities include lecturing in psychiatric pharmacotherapy and teaching an elective course titled “Mental Illness and Treatment in the Movies.” I am routinely involved in various mental health-related scholarly pursuits, including clinical, laboratory, and pedagogical research projects.

Robert Haight, PharmD, BCPP
Clinical Pharmacist | Forensic Services
Saint Peter Regional Treatment Center (SPRTC)
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Saint Peter, MN

Clinical: 65%; Administrative: 10%; Other: 25%
I am one of ten pharmacists in Forensic Services at the Saint Peter Regional Treatment Center (SPRTC). Our site provides care for patients committed as Mentally Ill and Dangerous as well as the Forensic Nursing Home. Average census is approximately 330 patients. We also provide coverage for six, Community Behavioral Health Hospitals (CBHH) and the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Hospital (CABHH) located throughout Minnesota.

Lisa Goldstone, MS, LPC, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP
Past President
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Associate Director of Residency Programs
University of Southern California School of Pharmacy
Los Angeles, CA

Academia: 100%
I oversee the teaching activities and related evaluation of all USC and USC-affiliated residents including our PGY1 ambulatory care psychiatry focus and PGY2 psychiatric pharmacy residents. My areas of interest include the clinical application of pharmacogenomics, increasing  access to care for persons with psychiatric disorders, pharmacy resident wellness, and scholarship of teaching and learning.

Cindy Gutierrez, PharmD, MS, BCPP
Associate Chief, Clinical Pharmacy Programs
South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio, TX

Academia: 5%; Clinical: 10%; Administrative: 85%
I oversee all clinical pharmacy programs at my institution, including 17 mental health clinical pharmacy specialist FTE in outpatient, inpatient, substance abuse, and residential rehab settings.  In my own clinical practice, I serve on an interdisciplinary outpatient team who provides care for those with serious mental illness who have not achieved goals in traditional outpatient settings.  The team is comprised of 1 psychiatrist, 4 psychiatry residents, 2 psychologists, an LCSW, a nurse, and 2 clinical pharmacy specialists.  I provide patient care under a scope of practice, which allows prescribing, ordering of tests including imaging as appropriate, and submitting consults.

Tawny Smith, PharmD, BCPP
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School
Austin, TX

Academia: 20%; Clinical: 75%; Other: 5%
I practice in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. I am the director of the psychopharmacology consult service at a psychiatric hospital and supervise 3rd year psychiatry residents completing the rotation with me. In the outpatient setting, I provide direct patient care in a women's reproductive mental health clinic and bipolar disorders clinic under a collaborative practice agreement. Additionally, I provide consultative services in the treatment resistant depression and cognitive disorders clinics.

Clint Ross, PharmD, BCPP
Psychiatric Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Residency Program Director
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

Academia: 10%; Clinical: 85%; Administrative: 5%
I serve on inpatient psychiatry teams (~15 patients and ~8 healthcare professionals and students each) at a 100-bed psychiatric hospital within an academic medical center with 4 other psychiatric pharmacists and 2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residents. Those admitted to my particular unit(s) most commonly have a psychotic or mood disorder. I serve as Residency Program Director for PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy residents and as a clinical preceptor to other pharmacy residents and students. We also manage patients in a PharmD Injection Clinic administering LAIAs and LAI naltrexone as well as other outpatient clinics.

Heidi Wehring, PharmD, BCPP
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Academia: 5%; Clinical: 5%; Other: 90%
I am a clinical reviewer in the Division of Psychiatry at the FDA. I provide clinical expertise as part of a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals and scientists. In addition, I hold an appointment as an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center.

Brenda K Schimenti
Ex Officio
Executive Director
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Lincoln, NE 68510
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