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Psychiatric pharmacists are advanced practice clinical pharmacists who specialize in mental health care. With an extensive knowledge of medication management, they are skilled at treating the whole patient. They strengthen the mental health team by working directly with patients, improving outcomes and saving lives.

Discover the benefits of having a psychiatric pharmacist as part of the team in collaboration with the health care team, patients and caregivers by downloading these informative resources.

Learn the educational path of a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist, what roles they fulfill as part of the team, common places they practice and the types of medication-related problems they solve.

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Video Introduction to Psychiatric Pharmacy

How Psychiatric Pharmacists Impact:

Profiles of Psychiatric Pharmacists in Practice

Combating the Opioid Crisis Through Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Dr. Seth Gomez is a psychiatric pharmacist working for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. Find out how his work supporting primary care physicians in providing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) services has brought patient care to another level.

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Reducing the Gap of the Psychiatric Shortage

Dr. Sarah Ward is a psychiatric pharmacist at the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Learn how she manages medication side effects, monitors high-risk medications, provides overdose prevention education, and increases access to Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder.

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Optimizing Inpatient Care, Reducing the Length of Stay

Dr. Austin Campbell is the only psychiatric pharmacy expert working within the Missouri Psychiatric Center, which serves nearly the entire state. Find out how he has been able to reduce both the average length of stay and the overall cost for patients within this health care system.

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Providing Expertise in Mental Health Medications

Dr. Bridget Bradley teaches at Pacific University School of Pharmacy and practices as a pharmacist at one of Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center’s primary care clinics in Hillsboro, Oregon. Learn how Dr. Bradley, as the only psychiatric pharmacist within the health center’s five clinics, is essential to the success of the entire mental health team.

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Ensuring Patient Safety

Dr. Dana Chiulli is a psychiatric pharmacist at the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs (VA) Outpatient Clinic in Savannah, Georgia, a satellite of the VA Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. Learn how Dr. Chiulli improves access to care for Veterans with a wide variety of locations and needs.

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Telehealth for Rural Veterans

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is a psychiatric pharmacist and the psychiatric pharmacy residency director at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Rocky Mountain Regional Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Find out how he has become an integral part of the treatment team and extended its reach via telehealth.

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Veteran Suicide Prevention

Dr. Rosana Steavenson is a psychiatric pharmacist and the program manager of the Mental Health Clinical Pharmacy Program at the South Texas Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System. Learn how Dr. Steavenson impacts treatment at her practice site and throughout the country.

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