The goal of the Pharmacy Student Hub is to provide information and tools that prepare pharmacy students to evaluate and prepare for a career in psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy.

Careers In Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacy

Student programming at CPNP's Annual Meeting provides students the opportunity learn about career opportunities in neuropsychiatric pharmacy. Active CPNP members and practitioners overview their practice settings, what they do on a daily basis, and how they recommend preparing for a position within a specialty area. Learn more about the exciting opportunities in the field of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy.

  • Academic Detailing, Sarah Popish, PharmD, BCPP
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, Dean Najarian, PharmD, BCPP
  • Primary Care, Glen Stimmel, PharmD, BCPP
  • Substance Abuse Treatment, Christopher Stock, PharmD, BCPP

CPNP Student Chapters

Interested in forming a CPNP student chapter at your school? Link to tools and resources for all CPNP student chapters - whether you are considering starting a chapter at your pharmacy school or are looking for information for established chapters.

CPNP Student Membership

Membership in the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) is one of the best ways you can learn more about the exciting, growing field of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. Joining is easy and a 6-month complimentary trial membership is available for you to experience all of the benefits CPNP has to offer including:

  • Education opportunities through the CPNP Annual Meeting and CPNP University
  • Job, Residency, and Fellowship Opportunities
  • Research/poster presentation and award opportunities
  • Networking through the CPNP membership directory, protected to CPNP members
  • Participation in the very active CPNP email list (exclusive to members) where you post questions to experts in the field, learn about cases and gain clinical pearls not commonly encountered in the literature
  • Publishing in the CPNP Perspective with a movie review written by PharmD candidates and their pharmacist mentors.
  • Access to members-only resources, including medication education pamphlets for patients, pocket reference cards, lists of films and books focused on mental health and readings on topics such as psychotropic drug interactions and electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Membership discounts on dues and educational programming.

Resources for Promoting to Students

  1. Video discussing student chapter activities and benefits
  2. Video exploring psychiatric pharmacy practice settings
  3. Video exploring psychiatric pharmacy practice settings-part 2
  4. PowerPoint presentation reviewing CPNP and the specialty
  5. QuickTime video discussing what it means to be a neuropsychiatric pharmacist

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