The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) was founded on March 24, 1998 when the network of pharmacists formerly known as the Conference of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists became a professional society. The formation of CPNP was the culmination of efforts of many pharmacists practicing in the psychiatry and neurology specialties over the past 30 years. CPNP has continued to evolve and grow and has increased membership to over 2,100 individuals.


Every individual living with a psychiatric or neurologic disorder has a care team that includes a neuropsychiatric pharmacist accountable for optimal medication therapy.


As the voice of the specialty, our mission is to advance the reach and practice of neuropsychiatric pharmacists.

Strategic Plan

CPNP's strategic planning process is important in determining how CPNP can best meet the needs of its constituents and what CPNP should strive to accomplish in the next few years. One part of this process is to understand the needs of the membership. Comprehensive membership surveys are conducted which serve as the basis for shaping the future of CPNP.

The Board of Directors of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists uses membership input through processes such as the membership survey to set and monitor the overall direction and progress for the College as a whole. Frequent appraisal of challenges and the setting of goals and objectives to overcome them will be important for CPNP as it continues to grow and evolve. This process is reflected in the strategic planning document provided below.

Over the next three years, CPNP will focus significant resources on five core goals that have the potential to transform the organization and the specialty. We will invest in:

  1. Our Profession: We will actively promote inclusion of neuropsychiatric pharmacists as an important component of the health care team in improving outcomes for those living with mental illness.
  2. Our Expertise: We will advance our various educational products to remain innovative and to provide the best value to our members.
  3. Our Organization: We will maintain a fiscally and operationally effective organization as well as cultivate new leaders, improve committee structures, and enhance the member and volunteer experience through involvement and participation.
  4. Our Membership: We will focus on connecting members with the peers and resources most important to them.
  5. Our Voice: We will improve our visibility by establishing the Mental Health Clinician (MHC) as a respected peer-reviewed journal.

CPNP Strategic Plan
Last updated November 2015

Membership Make-Up

Members of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) are generally pharmacists who work directly with patients and caregivers to apply specialized clinical knowledge and skills, educate and train healthcare professionals and develop new knowledge in order to improve health outcomes for those individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders. As the organization matures, the membership is becoming increasingly diverse attracting other practitioners, scientists, administrators, physicians and nurse practitioners. Members apply evidence-based, cost-efficient best practices as a member of a treatment team to achieve patient recovery and improved quality of life.

More specific statistics about the CPNP membership are available through this link.