If you are a pharmacist, practitioner, physician, educator, scientist, administrator, resident/fellow or student involved in the pharmaceutical care of psychiatric and/or neurologic patients or have an interest in this area, we invite you to join the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP).

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The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP), founded in 1998, represents practitioners who provide pharmaceutical care to individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders. Members work directly with patients and other caregivers to apply specialized clinical knowledge and skills, educate and train healthcare professionals, and develop new knowledge in order to improve health outcomes. Members practice in a variety of healthcare settings and apply evidence-based, cost-efficient, best practices to achieve patient recovery and improved quality of life.

The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists has continued to grow and now boasts a membership of over 2,100 individuals.

We at CPNP envision a world where all individuals living with mental illness, including those with substance use and neurologic disorders, receive safe, appropriate and effective treatment. Our mission is to advance the reach and practice of psychiatric pharmacy and serve as the voice of the specialty. While striving to achieve our mission, we live by the following values:

Excellence: Promote high standards for dedication, integrity, ethics and expertise.
Collegiality: Respect the views, contributions and experience of all health professionals.
Innovation: Advance care with creative solutions.
Responsiveness: Listen and react to the changing needs of our members and our profession.
Compassion: Above all, help our members to improve the lives of patients and their families.

Ways to Join

You can join CPNP or renew your existing membership by one of the following options:

  1. By Fax: Print off the membership application and fax back your completed application with payment information to CPNP at 888-551-7617.
  2. By Mail: Print off the membership application and mail back your completed application with payment information to CPNP at 8055 O St., Ste. S113, Lincoln, NE 68510.
  3. CPNP Website: Online application and payment can be completed in the Membership section of the CPNP website (see "Membership Dues" below).

Membership Categories

Membership dues cover the time period of July 1 through the following June 30. To learn more about the benefits available with each membership category, view our Membership Benefits.

  • Active Members
    Licensed Pharmacists-US and International
  • Associate Members
    Healthcare professionals who are not practicing pharmacists such as Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Researchers, Physician Assistants, Therapists, Non-RPh Medical Liaisons, Substance Abuse Specialists, Mental Health Outcomes Researchers and Social Workers.
  • Student Members
    Individuals enrolled in an accredited school of pharmacy progressing toward a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Membership must be renewed annually and status verified by the school.
  • Resident and Fellow Members
    Individuals participating in a post-doctoral educational experience who have an interest in psychiatric or neurologic pharmacy. Members within this category include individuals in Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice/ Psychopharmacology Residencies, Neurology Residencies, Pharmacy Practice with required/elective experiences in psychiatry or neurology, Fellowships of similar areas including bench with translational research in neuro-psych applications. Membership must be renewed annually and status verified by school or employer.
  • Affiliate Members
    Other individuals interested in supporting CPNP such as career recruitment personnel, media companies, publishers and public relation firms.

Membership Dues

If you are a member, please login to see renewal options specific to you.

New Members and New Practitioners Save!

If you have never been an active or associate member of CPNP, you can use the coupon code "WELCOME" to receive a $65 discount on your membership dues. That is a 30% savings on your first year as an active or associate member! To confirm your eligibility for this discount, log in or create a free accountStudent, Resident and Fellow memberships are already discounted and are not eligible for this promotion. Only Active and Associate memberships are eligible.

All memberships are manually reviewed by staff. After placing your order, you will receive confirmation within 3 business days.

 Through 6/30/2021Through 6/30/2022Through 6/30/2023
Active Members$215$400$580
Associate Members$215$400$580
Student Members$35N/AN/A
Affiliate Members$460$880$1200

Contributions or gifts to CPNP are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. A percentage of dues payments are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. CPNP estimates the nondeductible portion of dues (the portion allocated to lobbying expense) is 10%.