Diverse Practice Settings

CPNP Member Practice Settings

The specialty is gaining momentum and recognition in such publications as Pharmacy Today which published:

A psychiatric pharmacist is a pharmacist that has extensive knowledge regarding psychiatric medications. Likewise, neurologic pharmacists have extensive knowledge regarding neurologic medications. Often, these two areas of pharmacy practice overlap. Both types of pharmacists can be involved in many diverse roles. Practice areas are broad and include positions ranging from involvement with drug research and development to those with direct patient contact. Still others are involved in mentoring and teaching pharmacists, physicians and nurses currently in training.

Example Practice Settings

  1. CPNP 2017 Specialty Showcase: Inpatient Adult, Child and Adolescent, Outpatient VA
  2. CPNP 2016 Specialty Showcase: Ambulatory Care, Geriatrics, State Facilities
  3. CPNP 2015 Specialty Showcase (Audio Only): Academic DetailingPharmaceutical IndustryPrimary CareSubstance Abuse Treatment
  4. An HIV clinic with grant-funded research (Mental Health Clinician)
  5. Perinatal psychiatry (Mental Health Clinician)
  6. Public/private partnership focused on Primary Care Medical Home (Mental Health Clinican)
  7. Outpatient SUDS clinic (Mental Health Clinician)
  8. Residential care units (Mental Health Clinician)
  9. Long-term care (LTC) consultant pharmacy (Mental Health Clinician)
  10. Transitions of care in a federally qualified health center (Mental Health Clinician)
  11. Integrated behavioral health program of a community health center (Mental Health Clinician)
  12. Healthcare home (HCH) (Mental Health Clinician)
  13. A liver clinic focused on chronic hepatitis C viral infection (Mental Health Clinician)
  14. Research (Meet a Member)
  15. Private consulting practice (Meet a Member)
  16. Patient medication education groups (Meet a Member)
  17. Behavioral health center (Meet a Member)
  18. Working with veterans (Meet a Member)
  19. Pharmacy manager (Meet a Member)
  20. Pharmacy supervisor (Meet a Member)
  21. Pharmacy services director (Meet a Member)
  22. Inpatient psychiatry (Meet a Member)
  23. Research and special populations (Meet a Member)
  24. Weekly outpatient clinic (Meet a Member)
  25. Inpatient SUDS and outpatient PTSD (Meet a Member)
  26. Training center for the mentally disabled (Meet a Member Video)
  27. Geropsychiatry (Meet a Member)

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