This council is responsible for providing advice and supporting justifications on policy activities as broad representatives of the membership. The council will work to recommend organizational policy positions that benefit  members and to ensure advocacy efforts do not disadvantage or harm any particular subgroups in the membership. The council will evaluate priorities for the upcoming year and create a policy agenda that will be put forward for board approval and will work with government affairs consultants to evaluate opportunities to influence the policymaking process ensuring activities are reflective of and benefitting the membership.

You can review information on the current Committee Members and their Charges by downloading the PDF version.

Charges to the Government Affairs Council

Establish a public policy/advocacy agenda annually for Board approval in conjunction with DPG.
Participate in tasks that the GAC and DPG agree support the Health Policy Agenda.
Participate in discussion and efforts around the restructure of the GAC with the goals being to mature the GAC and its efforts and to grow future policy and GA leaders
Outreach to policy makers and stakeholders in a planned fashion using individual relationships and history.
Prepare written background materials about CPNP and its core issues as needed.
Monitor the legislative, regulatory and policy landscape and alert DGP to opportunities to respond as appropriate with comment letters and/or perhaps author the comment letters.
Continue representation and activity within current coalitions (most staffed by DPG) and identify others that are appropriate to engage with.
Participate in and support the activities of the following coalitions (staffed by DPG):
Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition (PAPCC)
Mental Health Liaison Group
Health Professions and Nursing Education Coalistion (HPNEC)