This Board appointed council is responsible for pursuing and managing organizational legislative initiatives. This council also manages relationships with partner organizations and monitors and provides input into legislative issues having impact on the CPNP membership and the neuropsychiatric pharmacy profession. Development of organizational positions and strategic alliances, monitoring, and grassroots communication plans are the responsibility of this council.

You can review information on the current Committee Members and their Charges by downloading the PDF version.

Charges to the Government Affairs Council

Introduce and obtain passage of a bill that establishes provider status and includes payment for CMM for psychiatric pharmacists.
Contribute and participate in ACCP coalition on provider status initiative.
Work with ACCP and other coalition members to identify bill sponsors.
Obtain support for the bill from NAMI when appropriate.
Distribute messaging and calls to action as provided through the coalition.
Develop specific goals and asks of other organizations or individuals identified as having strategic value in achieving this objective.
Provide a contributor/author and reviewers from the GAC to co-author an article for submission to external journals on the topic of Psychiatric Pharmacists in the Primary Care Setting.
Monitor developments in Medicare and Medicaid and prepare responses for Board consideration.
Support legislative actions and initiatives originating out of the Substance Abuse Task Force as approved by the Board of Directors.
Membership Communication
Distribute data and information from existing programs and publications to the membership to support the value of psychiatric pharmacists.                               
Recommend areas where the CPNP Board needs to take a position and where a position is established, distribute information and calls for action on legislative issues impacting the profession.