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Session Time and Location

Date: Monday, 04/25/2022

Time: 1:45 PM (view in the schedule)

Room: TBD

Target Audience

If you are a pharmacist, nurse practitioner or other healthcare professional involved in the comprehensive medication management of psychiatric and/or neurological patients, we invite you to participate in this online course.

Session Summary

Orexins (also known as hypocretin) are neuropeptides that acts like neurotransmitters to regulate physiologic functions, including wakefulness, appetite, metabolism, mood, and the reward circuit. The purpose of this session is to outline the quality of evidence to support the use of orexin receptor antagonists and explore what role it may play in the treatment of psychiatric disease states including narcolepsy, addiction, and Alzheimer disease.

Faculty Information and Disclosures

Roger Sommi, PharmD, BCPP, FCCP

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Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the physiologic function and distribution of excitatory neuropeptides orexin/hypocretin, including a description of the reward circuit. 
  2. Review the evidence and mechanism of currently FDA-approved agents targeting orexin/hypocretin.
  3. Outline current research and possible future targets for these neuropeptides, including narcolepsy, addiction and Alzheimer disease.

Continuing Education Credit and Disclosures

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