Practice Profile for Professional Advocacy and Outreach

CPNP is committed to increasing awareness of psychiatric pharmacists and innovative, impactful practices with regulators, policy makers, and other healthcare professionals. We would like to publish profiles of various members and practices through various communication mediums. We would highly value your contributions to this project. By completing the practice profile below, you will be granting permission for this information to be made publicly available.

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Tell Us About Your Consumer/Patient Volunteer Activities

The CPNP Consumer Relations Committee wants to highlight the consumer volunteer efforts of CPNP members through newsletter articles and other public relation activities. By doing so, we hope to increase awareness of these activities and to provide insight and guidance to other CPNP members and student chapters that may be interested in getting involved in furthering access to quality mental health care in their community. Do you present at local NAMI meetings? Do you coordinate activities for Mental Health America? Do you educate law enforcement on mental illness?

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