Student Chapters Seeking Guest Speakers!

CPNP's student chapters are working to adjust to the realities of the COVID pandemic and are altering many of their chapter activities to virtual offerings. As a result, chapters have expressed interest in hosting psychiatric pharmacist guest speakers from across the country. If you are interested in a virtual presentation to students considering a career in psychiatric pharmacy, please respond at the link below.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
09/30/20Unspecifiedvaries; virtual presentationview | pdf | apply

New! Abstracts and Awards Council: Seeking Leadership Applicants

The Abstracts and Awards Council has an exciting opportunity for one volunteer to be part of the abstracts, poster sessions, and awards processes at the CPNP Annual Meetings. The process will advance the volunteer through the leadership positions of Vice Chair and Chair. General information on the 2021 Annual Meeting abstracts, posters, and awards may be found here.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
11/30/201~25 h/y, mostly in Jan/Febview | pdf | apply

New! Medication Fact Sheet Editorial Board: Seeking New Editors

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
11/30/2042-4 hours/month; max 3 year termview | pdf | apply

New! MHC Editorial Board: Seeking New Editors

The Mental Health Clinician (MHC) is a peer-reviewed PubMed-indexed journal. It has published since 2011 to an ever-expanding audience, and all issues since 2016 are indexed in PubMed. With the help of an external publishing company, we maintain high standards for formal peer review, copyediting and typesetting processes. Thanks to the contributions of editors, authors and reviewers, the MHC is positioned for success well into the future. As we draw interest from our membership and partner organizations, it is important to incorporate new energy and new ideas.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
11/30/20320-30 hours per yearview | pdf | apply

New! Recertification Editorial Board: Seeking New Editors

CPNP is seeking individuals to serve on the editorial board that oversees the development of the Literature Analysis and Clinical Application Series BCPP Recertification programs. Editors gain experience serving as an official peer editor of educational programming for specialized pharmacy.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
11/30/20Unspecified30 hours per yearview | pdf | apply

New! Standing Committees/Councils Volunteers

CPNP is truly a member-driven organization. Many major initiatives and activities flow through CPNP's standing committees and communities, requiring many volunteers every year. Be part of our success by volunteering for the Community Leaders, Government Affairs Committee, Professional Affairs Committee, Program Committee, Public Education Committee, Resident and New Practitioner Committee, Student Committee, and/or Substance Use Disorders Council.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
11/30/2020varies from 20-30 hours/yearview | pdf | apply

New! CPNP Seeks Abstract/Award Reviewers for 2021 Annual Meeting

The CPNP Abstracts and Awards Council is seeking abstract and award reviewers for CPNP 2021.

Application DeadlineSpots AvailableTime CommitmentMore Information
12/31/2050Up to 5 hours in Jan/Febview | pdf