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The CPNP Foundation envisions a world in which individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders receive optimal treatment, live free of stigma, and achieve their full potential. Our mission focuses on the needs of individuals living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders, their families, and health professionals in general practice settings to further evidence-based treatment. Below we report important progress on our key initiatives and objectives.

Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) Network

The Foundation created the CMM Network, a group of CPNP members providing CMM who meet monthly by conference call to discuss the opportunities and challenges before them and share strategies for advancing their practices and helping others to understand CMM as a model to achieve integrated patient-centered care and improved clinical outcomes. The CMM Network is slated to transition into one of the first Communities within CPNP, a new networking platform expected to be announced and launched in Summer 2014.

Understanding the Relationship Between Individuals with Mental Illness (and Their Caregivers) and Their Community Pharmacists

During 2012-2013 the CPNP Foundation, in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, conducted a study of NAMI client members and their caregivers regarding their experiences with pharmacists and how that interface could be improved. Data generated delineated multiple follow-up opportunities for outreach and product and services development to assist community pharmacists, their professional associations, and individuals living with mental illnesses.

Strategic Planning

To guide our work from 2014 through 2017 the Foundation recently engaged in intensive strategic planning. Vision and mission statements were defined, and initiatives and objectives identified to enable the Foundation to accomplish four core goals. These goals address advancing best treatments and various approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Foundation in all of its work.

Pharmacy Student Travel Grants

The Foundation provided complimentary registration and partial travel support to 15 students to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting in Phoenix. CPNP provided an additional two grants benefitting a total of 17 students.

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