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As of June 30, 2015, CPNP had 17 student chapters across the country boasting chapter membership of over 430. Since then, 2 additional chapters have joined the CPNP Student Chapter ranks.

Student chapters provide a way for future psychiatric pharmacists to extend their learning in the field beyond the classroom. Campus-based chapters offer students the opportunity to develop professional and technical perspectives associated with the psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy profession while pursuing their academic programs.

Student participation in CPNP events, at the national or local level, provides professional development and valuable networking opportunities for future employment.

The chart below reflects the opportunities student chapters are providing CPNP collegiate members while showcasing the benefits the chapters bring to their campuses and their communities.

Chapter Member #s Advisor(s) Activities
Belmont University 6 Michael McGuire
  • Hosted CPNP President Dr. Steven Burghart to discuss professional development and opportunities in psychiatric pharmacy
  • Co-sponsored meeting with SNPhA with guest speaker Whit Gilbert, Director of Surface Outreach
  • Participated in NAMI walk and raised $292
East Tennessee State University 10 Sarah Melton
  • Hosted guest speakers to discuss Suicide Prevention
  • Invited NAMI speaker to talk about living with bipolar disorder
  • Hosted Lunch and Learn events to learn about patient’s perspective on living with Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Alcohol Addiction and Anxiety
  • Organized and ran a Suicide Prevention Information Booth
  • Members attended CPNP 2015 Annual Meeting
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine 35 Tatiana Yero
  • Participated in Script Your Future community service events to inform the community on the important of medication adherence
  • Attended  CPNP 2015 Annual Meeting
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science 10 Richard Silvia
  • Hosted Ted Talk Event where members viewed talks related to psychiatry and pharmacy
  • Held Prozac Nation movie night
  • Volunteered for Trivia Night at the Hope Lodge, a facility for uninsured cancer patients
  • Provided an art therapy space for students to de-stress between exams
Midwestern University 29 Timothy Todd
  • Hosted speakers including: Expressive therapy with a drum circle and Addiction in Health Care
  • Attended a Chicago Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) meeting
  • Attended health fairs to educate the public about ADHD and Eating Disorders
  • Volunteered with NAMI’s Run for the Mind and supplied staff for a Valentine’s dance for patients with special needs/mental illness
  • Participated in health screenings for blood pressure and diabetes at the senior health fair
  • Held fundraising bake sale
Nova Southeastern University 24 Jose Rey
  • Hosted NAMI ambassador to speak about mental illness
  • Hosted guest speakers on Careers in pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic pharmacology, Getting involved in research, Epilepsy and Mini-Mental Status Exam training
  • Participated in Alzheimer’s walk and raised $300
  • Won “largest student chapter” to participate in Epilepsy walk
  • Hosted an Epilepsy informational dinner
  • Members attended and presented posters at CPNP Annual Meeting
Presbyterian College 32 Kathryn Freeland/Alfonso Romero-Sandoval
  • Promoted National Epilepsy Day by wearing purple and educating students with the Get Seizure Smart quiz
  • Promoted Mental Illness Awareness week by handing out information and engaging students with daily mental health trivia
  • Hosted a smoking cessation booth at the college health fair
  • Supported local mental health by donating pajamas to mental health facility and selling tacos and school apparel to raise funds for NAMI
  • Volunteered at the Fall and Spring Bub Lollis Memorial Motorcycle Ride whose proceeds support a local mental health facility
  • Hosted speakers on Veterans Affairs pharmacy careers and residencies, Caring for family members with mental illness, Pharmacist management of medical marijuana, Pain management and a Medical marijuana discussion panel
  • Sold Chik-Fil-A and t-shirts to raise funds for chapter
  • Hosted social event for members at Dave and Busters
  • Attended neuroscience conference “SYNAPSE”
  • Members attended CPNP Annual Meeting and presented two posters
Purdue University 9 Carol Ott
  • Hosted guest speakers on topics of: Living with schizophrenia and Becoming a crisis counselor
  • Participated in QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper training
  • Movie nights included: A Beautiful Mind in the fall and Caveman’s Valentine in the spring followed by a discussion moderated by faculty advisor
  • Volunteered at the Lafayette Crisis Center Soup and Bread benefit
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting
Regis University 23 Robin Wackernah
  • Raised money, volunteered and participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk (Suicide Prevention), NAMI walk and MS 150 events
  • Volunteered monthly at the Denver Rescue Mission; a local shelter
  • Members experienced the positive symptoms of schizophrenia through Janssen’s Mindstorm simulation
  • Attended the premier of A Man-I-C, a local NAMI member’s movie about bipolar disorder
  • Faculty advisor and chapter officers interviewed on local radio station to promote CPNP
  • Members shadowed a neurologic pharmacist and attended “Dinner with a Neurology Pharmacist”
  • Fundraised by working Denver Broncos concessions ($225), Super Bowl Squares ($225), Jeans day ($67) and selling medical clipboards ($226)
  • Social events included providing snack to members during mid-terms and hosting a spring skate night
  • Attended the CPNP Annual Meeting (3)
Rutgers University 23 Megan Maroney
  • Sold tea in the fall and jewelry in the spring to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Association
  • Held education events including presenting a poster on benefits of tea on mental health and educating students about stimulant abuse
  • Guest speaker included: Faculty member with Parkinson’s Disease, Pharmacist from an Autism charity and an Art Therapist
  • Attended an interdisciplinary event on prescription drug abuse
  • Hosted guest speakers from NAMI to share their experience with Bipolar Disorder
St. John Fisher College 21 Christopher Noel
  • Hosted CPNP “Cook-Off” as chapter fundraiser and social event to introduce students to CPNP
  • Participated in the Walk to end Alzheimer’s
  • Counseled the public on sleep hygiene and stress management at the Rochester Public Market
  • Held a Residencies and Jobs Seminar
  • Participated in CP Rochester’s Bowling Night program where CPNP members taught people who have physical and development disabilities to bowl
  • Hosted, prepared a dinner and planned trivia activity on stress management and sleep hygiene for cancer, trauma and organ transplant patients and their caregivers.
  • Fundraised for NAMI and participated in NAMI walk
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 16 Kelly Gable
  • Promoted World Mental Health day by creating/selling green wristbands
  • “Of Two Minds” movie night followed by discussion about Bipolar Disorder with a peer support specialist
  • Adopted a local family for Christmas and provided gifts
  • Participated in local NAMI walk and fundraised for donations
  • Fundraiser for chapter included: wristband sales ($58) and hosting a chicken wing cooking contest ($115)
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting (3)
University of California San Diego 31 Kelly Lee
  • Chapter sold In-N-Out burgers
  • Provided depression screening information and general mental health information pamphlets
  • Presented stress management information at fall wellness symposium
  • Presented tips on avoid/handle stress-burn out during winter wellness symposium
  • Presentation on ADHD during spring wellness symposium
  • Hosted local high students and introduced them to clinical pharmacy
  • Suicide prevention training provided to members by local expert
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting (4)
University of Connecticut 71 Charles Caley/
Megan Ehret
  • New State of Mind movie night followed by a pharmacy student sharing their experience with depression/alcoholism
  • Attended a CamSa meeting to collect interviews from Cambodian-American students who shared intimate stories regarding the Khmer Rouge for a blog supporting Cambodian relief
  • Promoted PharmD qualifications at a UConn Health Center meeting
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting (9)
University of Maryland 35 Susan dosReis/
Ray Love
  • Fundraised for Alzheimer’s and participated in Alzheimer’s Walk
  • Raised awareness and provided information on autism at Living with Autism event
  • Host guest speakers on Forensic psychiatric, Treatment for cocaine addiction, Substance abuse, Psychiatric pharmacy residency, Development of clozapine monitoring program and Collaborative care in treating autism.
  • Raised awareness on mental illness and participated in the “Ask A Psychiatric Pharmacist” booth at NAMI Annual Meeting
  • Participated in Helping Other People through Empowerment (HOPE) events
  • Provided materials, raised awareness and educated local community on sleep hygiene at UMB Wellness Fair
  • Participated in APHA’s Healthy Halloween
  • Attended  CPNP 2015 Annual Meeting
University of North Carolina 29 Suzanne Harris
  • Bi-weekly volunteering at local free psychiatric clinic
  • Weekly medication education provided to psychosis, eating disorders and adolescent units at UNC hospitals
  • Hosted a compounding event for pharmacy students and their families
  • Meeting topics: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Therapeutic use of Psychedelics in Mental Health, Movement Disorders, Day in the Life of Psychiatric Pharmacist, Medical Science Liaison Career, Stroke Treatment, Eating Disorders, Melatonin Inpatient Use, Neurology Jeopardy
  • Presentation on side effects of antipsychotics/antidepressants to staff at Daymark Recovery Services
  • Attended North Carolina NAMI meeting
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting (1)
University of Pittsburgh 29 Tanya Fabian
  • Hosted speakers from Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC) including PGY Psychiatric Pharmacy Resident, Dual-Diagnosis pharmacist and clinical outpatient pharmacist
  • Shadowed pharmacists at WPIC
  • Movie nights focused on mental health followed by a discussion with a psychiatric pharmacist
  • Provided 2 nursing in-services at WPIC on Benzodiazepines and Insomnia Treatment
  • Contributed to Detox Quarterly Newsletter specifically on Insomnia Treatment with Substance Use Disorder
  • Prepared a banner promoting eating disorder awareness to pharmacy students
  • Attended CPNP Annual Meeting (4)


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