CPNP 2021 takes networking to new levels with opportunities daily to participate in a range of unique interactions with other attendees. Choose based on your availability, your preferred type of networking, and your practice-based interests. Put in the time to expand your network of colleagues and improve your practice.

Kick-Off Happy Hour

Friday, April 16: 4:00 PM CDT

Kick off Virtual CPNP 2021 by reconnecting with your peers and former colleagues! Although we're meeting virtually this year, we invite you to set aside 90 minutes on Friday, April 16 to reconnect with your CPNP family.

At 5PM CDT (60 minutes into the Happy Hour), we will recognize Brenda Schimenti for 20 years of service as the Executive Director of CPNP. Over the last 20 years, Brenda has helped CPNP find its way through many novel and complex challenges, including adding staff, providing BCPP recertification credit, expanding into government affairs and advocacy, and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty presidents and countless volunteers later, we want to pause and thank her for her service.

Idea Exchanges

Monday-Friday: 12:00 PM CDT

Friday (PMEG): 1:15 PM CDT

Each day, a CPNP Community presents an Idea Exchange as a concurrent session on pressing issues in practice. These sessions allow for peer-to-peer collaboration and information sharing between attendees who share a special interest or practice setting and involve exchange and dialogue on issues of common interest. Topics have been announced and Idea Exchanges are posted in the schedule.


Monday-Friday: User-Scheduled

Although scheduled networking helps you connect with other attendees around common issues and practice settings, you also need to connect with your friends. Use our Meetups feature to schedule a time to connect online during CPNP 2021 based on your RPD, a circle of friends, a geographic connection, or any other common bond that brings you together. Let us help you Meetup in April!

Schedule your own meetup now!

Networking Hour

Monday-Wednesday:  3:00 PM CDT

Thursday-Friday:  2:30 PM CDT

Track 1: Daily Debriefs

Join a discussion with 10-15 other attendees about your key insights of the day! These sessions will be facilitated by CPNP members who have been trained to help you make new connections and gain new insights during these daily debrief sessions. A big thanks to the CPNP Foundation for supporting the facilitation training workshop that made these discussions possible. Attendance is limited to the first 250!

Track 2: Speed Networking

Similar to speed dating, participants will be paired with a random attendee for 5 minutes, then paired with another random attendee for the next 5 minutes, and so on. Will you get to meet new people or connect with former friends or colleagues? Only time will tell!

Engagement Hour

Poster Sessions

Monday-Tuesday: 3:45 PM CDT

Review and bookmark posters of interest before the meeting starts – or even pose tentative questions. Then, spend Monday and Tuesday chatting with poster presenters about psychiatric pharmacy research being conducted across the country. This year, our popular poster sessions will be enhanced with video summaries provided by many of the poster presenters.

CPNP Forum on Our Future

Wednesday: 3:45 PM CDT

Thursday: 3:15 PM CDT

So much is happening that our forum is being spread out over 2 nights! Join us to recognize the Judith J. Saklad Memorial Award Winner, to celebrate our research and practice award winners, to discuss accomplishments from this past year, and to provide feedback on our new draft strategic plan! 

The Wednesday PM segment will focus on the work of CPNP in the area of advocacy and offer Q & A opportunities for members. The Thursday PM session will feature the Saklad Memorial Award Presentation and provide the opportunity for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee to introduce you to CPNP’s draft strategic plan as well as allow you to share your impression and questions.

Watch Parties

Monday-Friday: multiple viewing opportunities (see the schedule)

It can be hard to make time for self-study sessions. However, you can join other attendees in watching the on-demand sessions at the same time so that you can chat and discuss the sessions. In the case of the Recert Watch Parties, the speakers will be available in the chat room to respond to your questions and comments and to make them eligible for Live ACPE credit! Discuss issues that arise and make new connections while filling your daily schedule with these Watch Parties!

CPNP Foundation Trivia Nights

Monday-Thursday: 7:15 PM CDT

No work allowed! As the CE winds down on the West Coast, it is time for attendees to have a little fun. Create or join a trivia team to Zoom, network, chat, and have a little fun answering questions that have absolutely nothing to do with psychiatric pharmacy!

The CPNP Foundation is supporting CPNP 2021 through student attendance, facilitation training (for the Daily Debrief), and Trivia Nights. Help support the CPNP Foundation through a goodwill donation.

Trivia will be "quiz style" and themed nights are as follows: