This year, the CPNP Foundation celebrates 10 years of supporting psychiatric pharmacists and advocating for optimal, stigma-free care for people living with mental illness. We are so thankful for all of the individuals who have supported the Foundation and for all CPNP members who are working to improve patient lives and minds every day. The Foundation is kicking off the next decade by #ShiningLightOnMentalIllness. 

Shine Your Light Using Social Media!

During CPNP 2021 (April 19-23) and Mental Health Awareness month (May 2021), we invite you to light up social media with messages focused on optimal care for those living with mental illness.

First, download the template or use your light box to come up with creative messages. Then, snap a picture and post on social media and use #ShiningLightOnMentalIllness!

Get creative and post April 19-23, throughout CPNP 2021!

We look forward to #ShiningLightonMentalIllness during CPNP 2021. Please join us! 

If you would like to support the CPNP Foundation and future campaigns, please donate online. We appreciate all of your support!

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