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Activity Date: 04/19/2021

Session Summary

The Professional Affairs (PA) Committee initiated work on a best practice model for outpatient psychiatric pharmacy. The first step in this process was to determine the core qualities and attributes that should be included within such a practice, both for the pharmacist and the practice activities. This was done via membership survey to gather basic concepts to include, which were then refined into statements by a series of summit meetings with a smaller focus group. The summit statements were then sent out for a follow-up membership survey to determine agreement on a wider basis.

During the Idea Exchange, these 28 quality and attribute statements will be presented by the PA Committee for broader review and comment by CPNP members. As these statements will be the foundation for the best practice model, it is important that these statements reflect what our specialty believes should be best practices in outpatient psychiatric pharmacy. We hope you can join us as we present these statements, and provide your thoughts on how well they represent what we do as outpatient psychiatric pharmacists!

Important note: We intend to have an open comment period for members in the fall of 2021 after the draft has progressed further. If you are unable to attend the Idea Exchange, we encourage you to wait until that point to provide additional input.

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